About Us

I started Royal Curves because it has always been dream of mine that i couldn't quite shake into reality. I've always been the person to easily give up if I couldn't execute my vision as I planned it. I started Royal Curves back in 2019 with the encouragement and help from my dad and cousin. My first year and half of starting my business was an emotional and hard journey. Right when I thought I had my brand finally put together, I lost the one person that believed in me no matter what the circumstances. That made my vision blurry and I honestly felt like giving up altogether. That's when it hit me, the real reason I started my brand was because I wanted to show other plus size women that they are beautiful and have clothes that make them feel as beautiful as they look. Also for us to actually be able to find our correct sizes without them being too big or small. Show society that we can dress with confidence and that we can be the center of good attention. Whilst taking the attention off our weight and more so onto our style and great sense of fashion. Show women no matter how big or small they are WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!